Early Bubbles: Katya

After dedicating most of the latest posts to recent achievements of both established models and rising stars from Eskimo, it was big time to drop some lines about the next generation waiting around the corner — these little ladies might be brand new, they seem already tuned to spread their wings. After I had a quick glimpse inside the incubator to see what kind of seeds are growing there, my attention got caught by the delicate silhouette and poise of Katya Fominykh. A tiny frame that echoes the intensity of this brown gaze of hers, natural yet elaborated poses for a beginner: add a 176cm tall height (80-60-86 to complete the stats) and you get the feeling you’re witnessing the birth of a new kind of sophistication. It sounds insane to speak this way, especially when new faces are legions to appear on the radar each season, but a twist of hope for a wind of change comes sometimes as quietly as Katya’s expressions on her first test shots. Silence can be the most melodious noise, the buzz will just come in time.

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